About Tibet

Tibet is located north of Nepal on the Tibetan table world highest region. Area: 1.2m sq km (471700 sq miles), Bod: 2.5 million sq. km, approximately size of western Europe. Terrain 70 % Grassland from high plateau to tropical forest Climate: Average temperture 28 degrees Celsius (Summer) -15 degrees Celsius (in Winter), extremely dry except during rainy season (July and August). Tibet emerged in the 7th century as unified empire but it soon divided into variety of territories. The bulk of western, central Tibet were often at least nominally unified under series of Tibetan governments in Lhasa, Shigatse, nearby locations these governments were at various times under Mongol and Chinese overlordship. Acute Trek Pvt Ltd arrange Tibet Tour program and Trekking in Nepal. History: Tibetan history can be traced thousands of years back. Tibet history can be diveded into four period. The Tsanpo's Period, The period of Decentrailzation, The period of Sakya, Pagdu, Karmapa Rule and the period of gandan Podrang's Administration. Customs: There is no prohibition on still and video cameras, tape recorders or radios as long as they are for personal use or if commercial use should be registered with custom official. Society rules ban the export of art stuff created prior to 1959 or souvenir in sum deem to be excessive.

Food and drinks: Tibet has only a handful of towns and Tibetan cuisine is not exactly the most varied in the world. Its hand carry anything that can be brewed with hot water. Instant coffee, drinking chocolate, tea (bags), soup cubes. Other food items worth considering are instant noodles, nuts, raisins, chocolate, dry foods and biscuits. Travelling can be hard, adventurous and often unpredictable. Due to Tibet high altitude travellers with heart, lung or anemia problems should consult a doctor before planning for trip. Visitors to Tibet should also understand that Tibet was only opened to tourism in recent year. The roads of Tourist industry are still very essential in the remote country and we request you not to expect standard you are adapted to the west. However, every effort will make under the situation to ensure a smooth and nice trip. When the word Tibet is mention amazing icy chils the readers' nerves. In fact it snows only once or twice in year and owing to the perpetuity of bright sunshine, it is not at all cold during daytime even in coldest of winter. Top oral history collection is invaluable. Tibet is so sunny that produces a year round sunshine of over 3000 hours in a year. It provide intimate portrait of elders last generation to live in free, vacant Tibet and conserve for future generation their memories of their homeland. Its old name land of snow. Partaker ranged in age from 58 to 95 and invent from 3 regions of Tibet Amdo, Kham, Utsang are quite popular.

Following are the Kailash Tour Programmes


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