Bird Watching in Nepal

Bird WatchingNepal has more than 850 species of the birds, more than 8% of the worlds total. Kathmandu valley & the surrounding area has almost 500 species. The major sites popular for bird watching ares Shivpuri Conservation Area, Nagarkot, Phulchoki Area, Godavari Area, Nagarjun area Area, Bagmati River Side, Taudaha among others in Kathmandu valley. Nepal is remarkably rich in bird life, with a total of over 850 species recorded. Nepal's diverse scenery and temperature have result in a variety of habitat in country, home to over 8% world total bird population. Accordingly Nepal is a paradise for bird watchers. Lowland jungle of the Terai through the rhododendron and oak forests of the middle hills to the exposed open terrain of the high Himalaya, there are birds to keep your attention. Acute Trek can organize bird watching tours for you from short to long, walking, drive with a guide or bird expert, however you want your trip to be. Surrounding hills offer a varied ecology ranging from primary and secondary rhododendron and Oak forest of the middle hills to the windswept plateaus of the high Himalaya there is always. We would surely welcome your full time co-operation and any further advice to promote environmentally friendly tours. From the lowland jungle of the Terrai and the Kosi Tappu barrage through dense something to keep one twitching. Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve are other two reserves that inhabit myriad species of uncommon birds like the swamp patriadge and Bengal florican. Below, we show the majority of well-loved bird surveillance places in Nepal in detail. We are happy to help you to discover this rich diversity of flora and fauna.


Ardent bird watchers travel the length and breathe of Nepal doing nothing but bird watching. The global web has made it comparatively easy to reach all corners of the globe. We need to highlight all aspects of tourism including bird watching. Over 350 species of birds including ibises, storks, egrets, herons, swamp, partridge and Bengal floricans are found here. Koshi Toppu wildlife reserve located in the terai lowlands. Nepal has safari camps where one can come across tigers and rhinos come as a surprise to many tourists. Many associate this country only with Himalaya. Our tourism posters mostly feature mountains. The vegetation here is mostly wetland grassland, scrub and deciduous forests. Nepalese Tourism establishment are obsessed with mountains. We see a poster on Birds of Nepal like the one brought but by Bangla Biman on birds of Bangladesh. Endanger gharial, marsh crocodile and genetics dolphin are also recorded in the Koshi River. Talk foreigner are not even aware of the fact that a large part of Nepal is flat Terai covered with thick forest. We can do a lot by just simulation other countries thus saying ourselves continual hours of brainstorm. Nepal can become a popular destination for birds' watchers but we need to take promotion gravely. From down to dusk, these fanatical tourists do nothing but peer through binoculars and telescopes. Birding is possible anyplace in Nepal from the hot plains in the south to the mountainous area in the north. The reserve is unique of its wild arena buffalo. Other mammals are the hog deer, wild boar, spotted deer and blue bull. We offer bird watching tour in following areas: Fulchoki in Kathmandu valley and out of valley Langtang Trekking Area, Everest Trekking Area, Shivapuri National Park, Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Trekking Area. Koshi Tappu Wild Reserve, Bardia National Park, Manaslu Trekking Area.