Treks Himalaya, Lolang,Kathmandu, Nepal

Sunday-Friday 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Camping Trekking

Camping Trekking the kind of trek the place all the trekking gears such as tents, mattresses, dozing bags, loo tents, kitchen tens, kitchen utensils, and so on, these will be supplied by way of us and a certain numbers of aid personnel and information primarily based on the measurement of the group. However, at some point of your trek in himalaya, you will need to stick to the software and schedule that is pre-arranged by means of the chief information and instruct cook. All foods will be prepare on the way the use of clean vegetables on hand in the surrounding area. We provide meals and rent porters to lift your tools and sherpas to set up tents where you will be sound asleep and well trained cook will prepare hot ingredients to serve you. Camping trekking is better in geographical region of Nepal where you can see real nearby tradition how humans spending life them-self. The rationale for this untimely is to take advantage of the cool morning when walking is easy also the morning air is very obvious, permitting a superior view of the mountains than at other times of the day. Truly these treks supply you a very exacting understanding of the real Nepal and additionally this help to increase these terrible areas inexpensively. Some inaccessible land of Nepal there are no tea homes or resort to sleep in side room on the trails, so utterly geared up camping trek is honestly alternative which is like journey for some trekkers.

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