Fishing in Nepal

Fishing in NepalAcute Trekking company offers sport fishing, like pursue, is little promote and consequently little known in Nepal. Though the angle aficionado, Nepal lakes and rivers can show good fishing justification. There are roughly 118 diversity of fresh water fish in these Himalayan waters, range from the much sought after Masher to mountain tributary trout like diversity. Best time to go sport fishing on river waters is earlier than after the monsoon from February till April and October and November. Well-known fishing trips are done in Babai River in Bardiya National Park , Netrawati River in Dhading, Trisuli River in Dhading which is in Tribhuvan Highway, Rapti River in Seti River in same route as well, Fewa Lake it is in close to Pokhara valley, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake both of them in Pokhara valley but only few kilometers far from Pokhara lake side, Himalaya rivers and lakes place offer good grounds for fishing for the fishing escapade lover. Range from the greatly sought after Mahseer to the mountain stream trout, rainbow trout, common trout , catfish, Murrei and crap. It is thrilling and magnificent spot to popper out the multicolored fish in the clear Himalaya Rivers.

Several area Fishing itinerary

Trisuli River Fishing Trip Tours


Day 01:- Kathmandu to Malekhu by three hours Tourist bus or two hours private/van and start your fishing journey in Trisuli River. Overnight lodge or tent camp.

Day 02:- Start your fishing in same river. Overnight lodge or tent camp.

Day 03:- Fishing start in same further down and after fishing drive to Chitwan for one more day fishing Rapti River but we have more days trip in Chitwan and overnight lodge camp.

Day: 04:- Elephant ride to go inside jungle or Fishing depend your choice, overnight lodge.

Day 05:- Tourist bus drive back to Kathmandu.


Netrawati River (Aakhu Khola) Fishing Trips Tour 5 days.


Day 01:- Kathmandu to Sukaura by bus and cross the Netrawati River and overnight camp or home stay depend of your choice in Jyamrung.

Day 02:- Walk up to Ringne Bazar and start your fishing all the way down and back to camp in late afternoon relaxing rest of the time.

Day 03:- Small walk to Khahare Bazar (local market where people shopping local necessary equipment like cloth, rice, oil, copy and pencil for the student etc) and side market start your fishing all the way to Taribesi and ending your this day and back to camp in late afternoon.

Day 04:- Rest and swimming in Netrawati river with fresh water and relaxed all the day.

Day 05:- Walk to next village Sukaura and drive back to Kathmandu.


Bardia - Babai River Fishing Trip Tours - 5 days.


Day 01:- Kathmandu to Phul Phul Bardia National Park. 14 hours drive by local bus, overnight lodge beginning of your fishing trip in Bardia side which is western part of Nepal.

Day 02-04:- Rafting and fishing in Babai River of your fishing holiday in Nepal.

Day 05:- Raft to Babhai Bridge and return to Kathmandu, or spend more time in Bardia.