Gosaikunda Trekking

Gosaikunda TrekkingGosainkunda Trekking many 100 of years pilgrims world wide have trek to this region to pay religious respect at many of the 100 icy fed lakes of Lord Shiva and other Deities. The lakes are situated at about 4300m. It is said that Lord Shiva, after drinking the poisons of the world, drove his Trisuli (three pronged fork) into the earth to drink pure water to quench his thirst. We follow a rugged trail with vivid views of Himal chuli (7893m) Manaslu (8163m) and Ganesh Himal (7406m). Clear day, the Annapurna Himalaya Range can be seen rising up behind to the north across valley is Langtang Lirung. Pass a few huts in high meadow of Laurebina, cross a small edge and first views of holy lakes call also frozen lakes and Gosainkunda sink, Main three being Saraswatikunda, Bhairabkunda and Gosainkunda, the lake Shiva created when he pierce a glacier with his trident to get water to satisfy his thirsty.


Gosaikunda Trekking provide a possibility to watch one of a holy site of Hindu and Buddhist the sacred Gosainkunda. We cross Laurebina pass (4610m.). Gosainkunda is located north of Kathmandu valley and the cultural group, known as Tamangs, Gurung typically settled this region. Route to Gosainkunda cross through diverse scenery range from evergreen jungle to sub alpine grasslands where flow waterfall and lovely Himalaya make an extra to loveliness. According to the Hindu tradition, when the God churn the primeval sea to create elixir of endless life, the poison was also shaped all together. Save the world from this poison, Lord Shiva drank it scare his gullet blue in the procedure. To cool downhill his ablaze gullet, Shiva wallop his trident into the rock make three spring which eventually resulted in the creation of lovely Gosainkunda and others lakes. Goshaikund trekking is one of the most incredible treks in Nepal. The society language and their culture are really alike to the Tibetans. There are 108 kund (pond) is in this area and mostly visible from Hindus where thousands of Hindus reach there during summer to pray and worship to Shiva. There are some others well-liked lakes near Gosainkunda as Nagkunda, Suryakunda, Saraswatikunda and Bhairabkunda.

7 days Gosainkunda trekking itinerary

 Day 01 Kathmandu to Dhunche (2030m.) by local bus 10 hours drive and Lancruiser 5 hours drive from Trisuli Bazar and On the way during your driving period you can see different local village of Nepalese life style.

Day 02 Trek to Thulosyapru (2720m.) it takes 6 hours walk. Trail from Thulo Bharku, Sano Bharku, Brabal and finally you arrive in Thulosyapru, visit monastery, school and your hotel is almost on the top of village where you can see local village from top.

Day 03 Trek to Singumpa (Chandanbari) (3250m.) it takes 5 hours walk from Dursagang, Phoprang (which is on the top of hill) where you can see mountain, this is last place where you can have eat or drink before Singumpa and finally you are in Singumpa.

Day 04 Trek to Gosainkunda (4300m.) it takes 6 hours walk via Cholangpati, Laurebinayak and you arrive in Gosainkunda. Trail from Cholangpati to Laurebinayak top is steep but one of the beautiful day and you can see several mountain from on the way.

Day 05 Trek back to Singumba (3250m.) it takes 5 hours walk. Enjoy the view all the same way down. Which is one of the memory for your holiday in Nepal with Acute Trek. 

Day 06 Trek back down direct to Dhunche ((2030m.) it takes 5 hours walk. Different trail direct down to Dhunche. Follow path between forest only few house during your walking period, cross small rive (we call khola) but day is beautiful between Singumba to Dhunche.

Day 07 Back to Kathmandu by local bus 10 hours drive and Lancruiser 5 hours drive Dhunche, Trisuli Bazar and On the way during your driving period you can see different local village of Nepalese life style.