Mountaineering in Nepal

Mountaineering in NepalGreat Himalayan range in Nepal has eight above eight thousand meters and fourteen in the world's with total number of 1400 snow peaks over 6000 meters and offers the best choices for Himalaya expedition and mountaineering in Nepal. The mountaineering season in Nepal is divided into four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Whether the interest is simply climbing a peak or an expedition on 7000 or 8000m peak climbing Himalaya in Nepal has become a dream for most of the adventure enthusiasts and mountaineers in the world. The most popular among them is the spring season, when the harsh weather of winter leaves the mountain after dumping fresh snow and before the monsoon starts. Climbing is the par must be in good physical circumstances with sound health. Despite all the adversity of climbing, adventurers have been effort their way through the summit in a hope of making their dream of adventure come true. As an example, almost as many people have lost their lives trying to climb the Annapurna massive as have actually reached the summit. It is worth noting though, that mountaineering in Nepal can be exceedingly hazardous due to the height of the mountains and the intrinsic dangers which mountaineering them poses. Mt. Everest 8848 meters known to Sagarmatha is world highest peak is the powerful attraction that draws in Nepal first modern mountaineers. Climbing become a chic pursuit in Europe during the second half of the 1800s and having knocked off the great Alpine peaks, much better heights of Himalaya were an obvious new challenge. During the 1950 and 1960s, most important Nepalese peaks were conquered but just because it is no longer possible to the first set foot on top has certainly not reduce attractions of Himalayan mountaineering in Nepal.


Climbing adventurous sport activity while 30 years ago it required huge well sponsored expeditions. Magnificent mountains can be enjoyed in three clearly diverse fashion and easiest way to simply look them. Basically looking the mountains isn’t enough, you can get right in amongst them by trekking. Finally, real mountain climbing and while getting to top of 8000 meters. Climbing in Nepal is another’s major adventure tourism activity establishes in Nepal the embrace for climbers for age. Great Himalayan array in Nepal has eight out of fourteen of the world 8000 meters with total 1310 snow peaks over 6000 meters and offer the best option for Himalaya mountaineering in Nepal. Our support team is systematically skill on climbing and greatly capable on managing all risk of climbing in Himalaya and use climbing gear. Highly specialized executive crew at office is expert management all issues linked to mountaineering in Nepal. Interest is merely climb a peak or an expedition on 7000 or 8000m peak, climbing mountain in Nepal has become a vision for most of adventure fan of climbers in the world. Look our officially site of trekking agency in Nepal for information of Expedition and Peak Climbing in Nepal that we appreciate your dream in Nepalese Himalaya for holiday.