Simikot to Mt. Kailash Tour

Simikot Tibet TourSimikot to Mt. Kailash roof of the world behind the Himalayas and Tibet is a ethnically, loyally, ethnically and geologically separate area in Asia. Kailash and Manasarover region in western Tibet attracts the sincere Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Bon devotees to worship in the icy waters. Tibetan plateau Lies landlocked behind the biggest and the regal mountain ranges on north. Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarover and after complete Kora. we descent back to kathmandu via Zhangmu border. Two third of this boundless and desolate land lies at an standard elevation of 15000 feet and remote from the outside world for such long time. We begin our tour from Simikot, located at an elevation of 2910meters. From here it takes six days to reach the Tibetan border, which provides plenty of time to acclimatization. overpowering scenery, exotic cities, creative monasteries, all these and more are awaiting to reward you with. If you would long to explore the typical region within short period of time, this trip is particularly designed targeting those parties who have very limited time and desire to discover the religious Kailash through Simikot fly from Kathmandu, Nepal.


Fly to Simikot or fly back from Simikot is more weather depended and it is superior to use one way only since you need to follow the same trail on the way back. There is no straight air service from Kathmandu to Simikot. Trekkers normally have to fly to Simikot via Nepalgunj, the regional hub of Western Nepal. Another trial to Mt. Kailash from Nepal is Simikot. You need to fly to Nepalgunj spend a night there and take another fifty minute flight to Simikot which lies at the height of 2910m in the Humla District. The trekking go from here through Tuling, Kermi, Yangar, Yari before reaching Hilsa a boundary among Tibet and Nepal. The tour to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar tour normally finishes at Zhang-Mu. Since the road from Tibet is designed to attach with simikot air port, this trail will not be trekking track any more in years to come. High mountain lives, green river valley, sheep and yaks heard, snow-cap mountains, this is truly one of the nice treks in Nepal. Then all the way through Taklakot to Kailash, you can drive and be at your dreaming place, Kailash. It requires at least 19 days, but we can also finish your journey in Lhasa or extend it to other destinations. Nepalgunj to Simikot flight only in the morning, so we have one overnight in Nepalgunj to catch morning flight the next day.


Simikot to Mt. Kailash Tour Itinerary

Day 01:- Fly to Nepalgunj, look around city far way from kathmandu and overnight hotel.
Day 02:- Fly to Simikot (2960m.) and begin trek to Dharapari (2250m.) & overnight tent camp.
Day 03:- Trek to Kermi (2682m.) and overnight tent camp.
Day 04:- Trek to Yalbang Gompa (2950m.) and overnight tent camp.
Day 05:- Trek to Tumkot (Khola 2800m.) and overnight tent camp.
Day 06:- Trek to Thado Dunga (3854m.) and overnight tent camp.
Day 07:- Trek to Hilsa (3720m.) and overnight tent camp.
Day 08:- Trek to Lake Manasarovar (4558m.) and overnight in tent camp.

Day 09:- Acclimatization day in Lake Manasarovar and look around there.

Day 10:- Drive to Darboche/ Serchung (4750m.), discover the this place, overnight tent camp.

Day 11/12:- Tour in Dri Ra Phuk gompa (5010m.), sightseeing around there which is different than last day and overnight tent camp.

Day 13/14:- Tour in Zutul Phuk gompa (4820m.) and overnight tent camp.

Day 15:- Tour in Hor (4550m.) and overnight tent camp.

Day 16:- Drive to Paryang Camp (4050m.) and overnight tent camp.

Day 17:- Drive on to Saga Camp (4600m.) and overnight tent camp.

Day 18:- Drive all the way to Nyalam and overnight at a basic hotel.

Day 19:- Drive via Zhangmu, Nepal border all the way to Kathmandu.