Village Tour in Nepal

Village Tourism NepalVillage tourism in Nepal is a new development in Nepalese tourism industry. Generally Nepal is famous for the adventure travel, trekking, rafting and jungle safari, stay at purpose built resorts, tea houses or tents. Village tourism is developing for international as well as domestic visitors. You would be taken to the carefully selected villages where you would be given the opportunity to get to know the local people and their lives by staying in their house as if you were family relation. A few tourist room and kitchen are developed without worrying village environment. Villagers continue with their usual daily work and guests can fully enjoy participate in activities increasing their understanding of our country. Village excursions are usually offered in Fulkharka Jyamrung are Ganga Jamuna Trekking region, Chepang Village, Ghale Gaun, Balthali, Sirubari all of which are totally non-tourist areas. These communities follow different religious and cultural practices  inherited from centuries past. Acute Trekking welcomes your interested to seeing genuine Nepalese society and the respect this shows for the local people. We look forward your inquiry about village tourism in Nepal and agency will arrange your holiday tours in countryside of Nepal a truthfully rewarding experience with us.


Village tourism has been materialize as a very new idea in the Nepalese tourism industry. Nepal is usually well-liked in the world for the escapade travel, stay at the mainly build resorts or the self leaning tents. Local delightful, both charming and culture is shown. Fully new idea to increase tourism village where the visitors you would be taken to pure villages where you spend a few days living with the local people and creature treat as grateful family guests. Village tour provides you the chance to explore the real villages different having spent little time in diverse villages on trekking. We take our visitors to pure villages where use a few days stay with the local people and are treat as grateful family guests. While stay in the villages, enjoy contented lodging, tasty local food, drink and a family atmosphere that will remain a happy memories for a lifetime. Your lodging is in a real Nepalese home, allow you to feel the cross-cultural alternate in the more real way to different stay at the local lodge full with other backpacker. Every village is linked through a diversity of central level link with other villages and with town areas. You will be observe the real Nepalese cultural custom from the closest area and mingle with the locals. Further any expenses make at that level directly supply to the wellbeing of the local society, which eventually provide you the high intelligence of pleasure.


Following Are Different Village Tour in Nepal

  • Fulkharka Jyamrung Village Tour
  • Sirubari Village Tour
  • Ghale Gaun Village Tour
  • Balthali Village Tour
  • Chepang Village Tour
  • Bandipur Village Tour