Wedding in Nepal

WeddingWeddings in Nepal usually take place in tender age in Nepal. It is normal for boys and girls to be married during their teens but in few cases in very young ages. This symbolizes that they are now husband and wife. We help you in deciding on which tunes to play and that can include all the nepali traditional music as well as the bride groom's favorite ones with beautiful dancing numbers. The marriage venue is decorated by colorful paper flowers and twinkling lights. These factors may include caste, religion, ethnicity and also the consideration of ties between families in an effort to build allegiances. It is important that arranged marriage and forced marriage in Nepal are not confused. In a village the couple reaches the marriage venue on horses or baskets, while in a city marriage the couple arrives at the venue in a decorated car. These weddings are totally diverse from the own culture village wedding. Interested Nepali way to wedding and Acute Trek arrange wedding program.


Music is an essential part of marriage. Nepalese bride dresses in the bridal color of red and is bejeweled with gold and precious gems. Traditionally, the bride and groom are escorted to the marriage venue. This red color on the woman's forehead differentiates whether she is married or not. The bride and groom by tradition are always carried either in a wooden casket or by horse. The wedding procedure usually begins with an arrangement of a boy and a girl with comparable backgrounds; often with the help of a priest who are well known as matchmaker. One of the important events in our traditional wedding is that the groom puts a pinch of red-coloured powder on the bride's forehead. It is not normal practice for families in Nepal who are arrange marriages to force their progeny to marry someone that they do not wish to marry. As mention earlier, wedding society in Nepal, according to cultural groups and caste we have try to cover all mainly all diverse tradition, very simple for very rich in society


Gathering takes place between the parents of the two families. In an arranged marriage, it is the parents who choose their children's partners. One additional note concerning the arranged marriage even though the parents choose the individuals, the children are commonly given a voice to accept or decline the match. There are instances, however, of a couple not seeing each other for the first time until the ceremony begins. In a love marriage, it is the boy and the girl who choose their mate. The offspring are also consulted and it is important that they consent to the marriage. The bride after being handed over to the groom by her parents will then travel to the groom's village to become a member of his family's household. Nepal Wedding Planners shall help you right from selecting the party venue, choosing a brass band party, entertaining the guest with good food, music and creating the overall ambience. Yes, leave all the worries to Nepal wedding planners. Acute Trek from Nepal will organize wedding program in Nepal and after wedding we offer them honeymoon tour to Pokhara sightseeing tour and Chitwan Jungle safari further information contact us.