Adventure Activities in Nepal

Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities in Nepal is Kayaking, Canyoning, Bungee Jump, Paragliding, Rock climb, Peak Climbing, Mountain Flight, Helicopter Tour, Ultra light flight, ice-climbing, Hot Air Ballooning. Himalayas have long since detained an unexplained impressive to Nepal and trekkers comparable. Part of the world, you can knowledge some of the main physically and spiritually demanding deed exercise instruction in a foreign destination. Rafting, mountain river across the point cross section of Nepal's topography is equally popular. Mountain flights offer the contiguous likely display of Mt. Everest and other peaks. Encounter Himalayan with the highest mountains in the world often portray awe-suffering stillness from bystander. Adventurer's activities are delighting in Nepal it offers extra of outside activities. Comes Nepal with its strange beauty of Himalayan scenery and welcome of its people. Trekking and mountaineering are motionless the most famous sport between travelers.


Examine the impact of escapade tourism in Nepal but we believe that adventure travel will bring much positive impact on Nepal's national economy, indigenous populations, tourism industry, and conservation development. Here comes Nepal with its strange beauty of Himalayan scenery and welcome of its people. With its steady growth, adventure tourism in Nepal will play a progressively more important role for national and local development in the boundary areas. The place of eventual adventure, where you can full all your adventure dreams and desires from the best world’s hiking, trekking, climbing to very dynamic adventures of mountain biking, paragliding, ultra light flights, bungee jumping, high altitude trail running, speed climbing, rock climbing, skiing 7000m or even 8000m peaks and all that above the rest of the world with wonderful vistas and among friendly, ever happy, religious, kind and helpful people. Aerial activities include taking off in micro-light aircrafts or hot-air balloons for a good view of the mountains. Eventual adventure, where you can full all your adventure dreams and wishes from the best world’s climbing, trekking, hiking to very active adventures of Bungee Jump, paragliding, ultra light flights, velocity climbing, rock climbing, sky 6000m or still 8000m peaks and all that over the relax of the world with wonderful view and between welcoming, increasingly happy, religious, variety and cooperative people.


Below are Different Adventure Activities in Nepal

  • Helicopter Tour in Nepal
  • Mountaineering in Nepal
  • Mountain Flight in Nepal
  • Kayaking in Nepal
  • Canyoning in Nepal
  • Bungee Jump in Nepal
  • Paragliding in Nepal
  • Rock Climbing in Nepal
  • Ultra Light Flight in Nepal
  • Hot air ballooning in Nepal