Eco Trekking in Nepal

Eco Trekking in NepalEco trekking in Nepal is typically travel to delicate, pristine and usually protected areas that strives to be low impact and small scale. It purports to educate the traveler provide funds for save directly benefit the economic growth and political empowerment of local society and foster value for different cultures & for human rights. Eco trekking is held as important by those who participate in it so that future generations may skill aspects of the environment fairly intact by human intrusion. Mainly eco trekking in non tourist area with camping trip. Eco trekking may appeal to financial, socially aware from tourist. Eco trek focus in out of city to increase green tourism. Eco trekkingn are generally involve travel purpose where flora and fauna, cultural heritage are major attraction. One of the goals for eco trekking offer tourists near into the impact of human being on site & promote superior joy of natural culture to see in countryside


Responsible eco tourism programs that minimize the negative aspects of traditional tourism on the environment and boost the society fact of local people. Therefore in addition to assess environmental and cultural factors, an integral part of eco trekking in Nepal is the promotion of recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, creation of economic opportunities for local communities, especially in countryside on Nepal. Acute Trek is one of the trekking company who organize eco tour in Himalaya. Stunning natural surroundings and powerful cultural inheritance make it a truthfully notable country for the growth of sustainable eco tourism in Nepal. Fact combine of eco tourism, eco tour Nepal, eco Nepal tour with adventure tourism including wonderful Himalayan. Miscellaneous protected regions have been well-known in Nepal and very important eco tourism in Nepal. We consider that sustainable green eco tourism makes major for the local people in countryside of Nepal for research and holiday.


Following Are Different Eco Trekking Region