Nepal Travel Activities

Nepal Travel ActivitiesNepal travel activities are the largest tourism industry in Nepal and the major source of foreign exchange and profits. You have to find out real culture and tradition of Nepal. We have several different race and cast of Nepali people. Uncountable mountain above eight thousand below eight thousand including world highest peak (Mt. Everest 8848m.) in the world, Nepal is best hotspot destination for travelers mountaineers, and people seeking adventures challenging. Hindu and Buddhist and others religious heritage of Nepal and its suitable weather are also strong attractions. Nepal is an exceedingly different country with an extensive diversity of activities to suit every explorer. Travel activities are extremely significant to choose your trip ahead of then your Nepal arrival and one of the country in the world. There are the magnificent Himalayan ranges, the Mid-Hills of undulating green terraced and natural flourishing forests. The tourist industry is seen as a way to improve poverty and realize superior social justice in the country.


Related travel activities, trekking as well as peak climbing is still the most popular sport between visitors. The environmental and natural variety and a range of attractive society make Nepal a perfect place in Nepal. If you are scheduling a trip to Nepal or maybe dreaming, make sure that you enjoy one or more of these many impressive activities. The main entice to the country may be the welcoming people with their hugely attractive society and the magnificent Himalayas in the backdrop. Different tourism activities in Nepal can be enjoy by young and old similar. Some travel activities are extremely physical and require good physical health and mind strength. Travel activities in Nepal provide a chance to observe the society and enjoy the

magnificence of scenery in rural Nepalese Himalaya for trekking, helicopter tour, mountain flight, rafting and jungle safari it makes additional delightful of your holiday. Use some time pleasurable some activities in Nepal and you will soon see the country of spectacular paradise. Following are different packages program for your option and please give us opportunities to arrangement of your holiday with us in Nepal.


Nepal Travel Activities Packages

  • Helicopter Tour in Nepal
  • Peak Climbing in Nepal
  • Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  • Upper Mustang Trekking
  • Tea House Trekking in Nepal