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Nepal is beautify along the greatest heights of the Himalayan, the kingdom of Nepal is a land of sublime scenery, time worn temples and some of the best walk trailson earth. It's a poor country, but it is rich in scenic splendor and cultural treasures. The kingdom has long exerted a pull on the Western imagination and it's a difficult place to dislodge from your memory once you return. Many travelers are drawn back to Nepal, armed the second time round with greater appreciation of its natural and cultural complexity a stout pair of walking boots and a desire for improve leg-definition. Nepal Time is 5 hour 45 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 15 minutes ahead of Indian Standard Time. Only Saturday is official holiday in Nepal and six day in a week are continue government are open.

Area: 147,181 sq. kilometers, Country Code: +977, Internet LTD: np, Time Zone: UTC +5:45

Emergency:- 100 police control, 101 fire, 102 medical and 107 is Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Geography: Situated between China in the north and India in the south, east an west.

Capital City of Nepal: Kathmandu / Population: 26620809 (2011) Currency: Nepali Rupee (approximately US$ 1 equals Rs. 95 it fluctuates. Geographical division: Geographically it is divided into Hills, Mountain and Terai regions.

Political System:- Recently Nepal has been declared as Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. It functions with a frame work of a republic with a republic with a multiparty system. Abolishing the 239 years Monarchy, Prime Minister rule the country exercising the executive power with the ceremonial president. What to Wear: Light clothing is recommending for May to October. Warm clothes are required in October to March. Umbrella or raincoat is vital for rainy season.

Administrative division:- Though it is declared as a federal republic, federal states are yet to be carved. It is divided into 5 development regions, 14 zones and 76 Districts.

Officially known according to its interim foundation as the State of Nepal is a bounded by land of Himalayan country in South Asia that extend beyond with East Asia, bounded by Tibet to the north and by India to the south, east and west. For a small territory, the Nepali scenery is unusually various, range from the humid Terai in the south to the lofty Himalayas in the north. Nepal boast eight of the world's top ten highest mountains, including Mount Everest on the border with China. Nepal has been made famous for its tourism, trekking in Nepal, hiking, mountain biking, national wildlife jungle safaris, river rafting, helicopter tour, mountain flight. Beginning of the name Nepal is derived from the Nepali language, which is the language of Newars and has its origin to the fact that Kathmandu valley used to be called Nepa, the term that is still used by Newars.

Northern area of high Himalayas people are Tibetan speaking of Sherpas culture and some are Tamang also Gurung culture, the Dolpas, the Lopas, the Baragaonlis, the Manangis live in different settlement dotted alongside the country. The Sherpas are mostly cramped in the Solukhumbu it is in eastern part of Nepal. Middle hills of Nepal Magars, Thakalis, Chepangs, Gurungs, Newars, Tamangs and Sunuwars majority of Chhetris and Brahmans. Chhetris and Brahmans have long ascendancy in all pervading social, religious and political realms. There are also some occupational castes. The Sarki (Cobbler), Kami (Blacksmith) Damai (tailor) and Sunar (Goldsmiths). Though, there exists many dialect, the language of combination is the national language, Nepali an Indo-Aryan language. The Baragaonlis and the Lopas live in the semi-deserted area of the upper mustang and lower Mustang in the part of the Tibetan plateau in the rain shadow area, the Managis in the Manang district and the neighboring areas and the Dolpas in the highest settlement on the earth in the Dolpa district it is west part of Nepal at an elevation of above 4000m above sea level and it is special area for trekking in Nepal.

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